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in case you don't know: each TV CARNAGE volume is hundreds of hours of exceptionally bad TV lovingly fused together into hour plus, glorious cesspools of retardation. These are the compilations that have been featured and loved by VICE MAGAZINE, NME, SHARPEWORLD, FORT DRASIC, OK FLAVOR, DAILY CANDY and being shown in festivals and porn theatres throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

some TV CARNAGE highlights can be viewed at tvcarnage.com so mince, traipse or sashay through the site but remember; this is only the tip of the shitberg, cause the glorious hilarity goes on and on!
"grunge" figure skater, "hairdresser", 80's infomercials, acid wash, anna nicole smith, anne heche, bad television, bb boris, beanie babies, beige khakis, bibleman, bikers, billy idol's "cyber punk", boy bands, cable access dance routines, canada, canadian new wave, carnage kudos, casual fridays, cheat n' eat, chuck norris, cops, culture jamming, dirty cowboy, dj battles, dogs, don johnson, drag queens, fabio, gary coleman, gays, hispanics with progeria, idiots, intergalactic journey, j.lo, jan terri, jazzercise, jean-claude van damme, john holmes, john ritter, mao zedong, mr. t videos, natural law party, new agers, news reports, nme, old men choirs, porn theatres, recitals, rich tradition of magic, richard simmons, rodeo monkey riding dog, saxophones, self-help videos, senior homes, sensible haircuts, shameless name dropping, small-town reporting dj battles, squirrel melts, steven seagal, suzy shier, swearing sandwich, talent show try-outs, the randy river, tiny people, turntablism, tv carnage, tvcarnage.com, vice magazine, weight loss, when television attacks