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New TV Carnage?? [05 Sep 2005|03:28pm]

anyone know what's the status of the new TV Carnage? The website said it was supposed to come out months ago, but still lists it as a preorder.

yay Carnage!
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FABIO-lous! [16 Aug 2005|11:18pm]

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"who are you and why did you send this to me?" -kelly clarkson [01 Jul 2005|11:01am]

see the clips:

in celebration of the upcoming tv carnage/ a sore for sighted eyes:
-"lazer, lazer, chirp, scribble...that's what they call a stab."
-"(poo) affairs"
-"i have knocked on the door to this man's soul"
-"skippy side show"
-the best for last: "there were devil worshippers in this town; and a lot of them."

old favourites:
-karen and the mokeys
-beat down - for the love of bald ponytails
-fabio-lous boy bands
-love tips from fabio
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